Personal Portraits of Bernadette

I see it all the time. Moms always want pictures of their children, but tend to shy away from the camera themselves. Like most moms I was guilty of doing this myself… it just felt more comfortable to step out of the frame.  The thing is, we NEED to be in the frame. Not only for ourselves, but also for our children. I cherish the images I have of my  mom in her youth and now in her prime. They will be with me forever. I realized several years into my business just how passionate I was about capturing my mommas when they weren’t looking — when they were fully engaged with their children or spouse and weren’t thinking about the camera. These are always my favorite images from family sessions, and tend to be theirs, too. Recently I decided to start photographing women in an honest, intimate and beautiful way. I will be blogging these sessions in addition to my other work. Get in touch if you think you’d like to learn more about these portrait sessions.