Hi! Thanks for popping over to my little space! My name is Erin, and I love creating photographs that show true emotion and connection. I've learned that often the best images happen when guards come down through unscripted moments, spontaneity, laughter and quiet observation. This has shaped my approach to photography -- to capture natural expression and unique rhythms in a fun and relaxed environment. I AM a boss when it comes to finding gorgeous light --  and I use a mix of both direction/posing and observing throughout our time together.

A little bit about me... I moved a ton growing up (my dad and hubby were in the Navy) so I tend to go with the flow... sometimes to a fault. :) I didn't have my first cup of coffee until we moved to Seattle five years ago. I'm obsessed with curry. I am momma to three adorable little people -- two boys and a girl. Since we are transplants to the area, we love exploring all of the gorgeous green spaces and interesting landscapes this area has to offer.


Erin Crum is an on-location portrait and lifestyle photographer. She lives in Kirkland, Washington and serves the East Side and Seattle.